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⚰️ Technology That Died in 2019

Technology That Died in 2019

Death comes for us all, even once-great Silicon Valley giants. Here are the apps, startups, devices, and sites that drifted off into the great beyond in 2019. Every year, we see favorite apps, buzzworthy startups, and ideas that never quite got off the ground meet their demise and quietly exit stage left. We had advance warning of […]

Apple hires failed smart lock startup CEO to help build home products

Otto Lock

He tried to sell a $700 smart lock. His startup went belly-up, leaving employees and contractors in the cold. But now, he’s working for Apple — and leading a new smart home initiative to boot, according to a CNBC report. To be fair, Sam Jadallah’s smart lock company Otto did produce exactly the kind of gadgetwe’ve come to expect from […]

Uber Lost $1.8 Billion in 2018 Despite Record Ride-Hailing, Food-Delivery Gains

Uber in trouble

That’s bad news for the company as it heads toward an initial public offering. Uber posted $50 billion in bookings for its ride-hailing and food-delivery services in 2018. However, the company still failed to turn a profit and its revenue growth slowed toward the end of last year, reports Reuters. That’s bad news for Uber as […]

Someone Please Let Jamie Dimon Know That His New Cryptocurrency is a Fraud


JP Morgan Chase and Co. announced Thursday it would be the first major institutional bank to release its own cryptocurrency. Its new JPM Coin is an almost shockingly impotent reaction to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the United States’ largest bank.    

Amazon paid no federal taxes on $11.2 billion in profits last year, according to group’s analysis

Jeff Bezos

Amazon, the e-commerce giant helmed by the world’s richest man, paid no federal taxes on profit of $11.2 billion last year, according to an analysis of the company’s corporate filings by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), a progressive think tank. Thanks to a variety of tax credits and a significant tax break […]