Making Sense of Managed Services

Cerium’s Director of Support Services, Vicky Winslow provides a briefing that will assist you in understanding the world of Managed Services! This webinar will help you understand if they are right for your enterprise, and how to select a provider.  With so many types of providers offering a range of services and management models, the choices can be confusing.
This webinar also covers the driving factors behind Managed Services:
• Reducing network overhead costs while increasing network services
• Supporting dynamic business growth with restricted budgets and staffing levels
• Implementing new technologies to maintain competitiveness
• Managing, maintaining, and upgrading network infrastructure and management systems
• Delivering high-quality, high-availability network services to meet 24-hour demand
• Securing data, transactions, and communications to keep up with the latest security threats, as well as meeting privacy and security regulations
• Focusing employees on core competencies and mission-critical processes, rather than network support


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